A Waste of Space

As Easy As Riding A Bike

In London yesterday evening, I approached Parliament Square along the cycleway at Great George Street.

Good job TfL.

In front of me was perhaps the classic stereotypical scene shared by taxi drivers, and other people hostile to new cycling infrastructure in London (and other British towns and cities). A large expanse of empty tarmac loomed in front of me, contrasting starkly with the clogged road on the right. You might say the cycleway is ‘causing’ congestion and pollution, if you were so inclined.

In the distance – on the ’empty’ tarmac – two cyclists (maybe three? who cares, really) are waiting at a red signal. On the right, frustrated drivers are needlessly spewing out fumes, and doubtless fuming themselves, at the waste of space on their left. Valuable space that – if it were used properly for important motor traffic, not for some silly hobby – would have sped them to…

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One comment

  1. Great stuff Adam.
    I cycle in to the station regularly from Larkhall. It takes me, on average, 7 minutes. It takes twice as long in a car. I am repeatedly overtaken by cars, often at some risk to my person and their paintwork, but I always catch and overtake them in the congestion.
    The really risky bits are the section inward past Morrison’s, where the bus lane runs out, the right turn into St Johns Road and most of the return journey on the London Road. I deal with these better now by reverse application of your logic. I act as if I am as large as a family saloon, cycling so people are not tempted to squeeze past me and crowd me into the kerb or squeeze me into the oncoming traffic.
    So far, so good.

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