Bath’s Living Heart, Soft Parking Zones, and Freight Consolidation using Public Transport

Images taken from a presentation I did last night at RIBA’s LIVEABLE CITIES – FESTIVAL OF THE FUTURE CITY, BATH 2017. Enjoy!

Bath’s Living Heart

Creating an accessible city centre free of unnecessary traffic.

Simplified Bath Living Heart - Existing
Current routes through the city.
Simplified Bath Living Heart - Existing - Road
Simplification of existing routes to clarify the various ways through the city centre.
Simplified Bath Living Heart (1)
The Living Heart Proposal preserving full access to city centre but removing through routes for private vehicles.
Simplified Bath Living Heart - Road
Living Heart access for private vehicles.
Simplified Bath Living Heart - Road - Bus
Through routes for buses.

Simplified Bath Living Heart (pdf)

Soft Controlled Parking Zones

Discouraging the ingress of the day commuter into the city while encouraging local residents to shift from car to other modes of travel within the city.

Soft CPZ
Soft Parking Zones solving day commuter parking in residential streets and providing significant parking revenue for transport schemes.

Soft CPZ (pdf)

Bus Freight/Bike Carry System

Enabling freight consolidation and multi-modal travel on our public buses with minimised dwell time enabling Freight Consolidation centres along existing rural bus routes and not just purpose built centres on the edge of cities.

Bus FreightCycle Carry SystemBus FreightCycle Carry System (PDF)


Really phenomenal night with one presentation completely blowing away how we should look at Bath and the architecture we build today. It is not just a Georgian jewel, but a city with over 3000 years of heritage, founded by a pig farmer, and as we replace all our georgian inspired railings, that were ripped out to help the war effort in the 1940s, we lose that story that makes Bath what it is today. Milsom Place illustrates how a place built in the 21st century can sit brilliantly and define its own heritage.

When we impose fuel poverty on Bathonians, as we refuse to allow Georgian houses to install double glazed sash windows, we simply have a city living in the past.

We need a forward looking city, one ready and willing to define itself by its people and the heritage that they can build so future residents in the centuries to come, can understand how our story of what we built, is now part of their heritage that they celebrate in their future.

Simply put, the biggest and best thing we could do for this city, is deliver the Living Heart and implement Soft Parking Zones. It is time we recognised that the travel choices of the 20th century are killing the 21st century city of Bath.

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