Cycle Bath Meeting Today (Wednesday 19th of July)

We are meeting at 6pm in Kingsmead Square then riding to the George and Dragon out at Batheaston along the canal and over the ‘new’ bridge for a meeting to start at 6:45pm.

We will be discussing this document and the challenge Cllr Mark Shelford has given us. The ride should be good and I believe there is even fish and chips over there!


  1. I’m new to CycleBath – aim to join you tonight. Read/skimmed ‘TheWayForwardActionPlan. Lots of interesting Facts’n’Ideas. Inspiring many ‘solutions’. Such as: . . . Could we create a RoadCode (by the users) replacing/complementing TheHighWayCode (imposed from above)? AND
    I always carry and use a seccateur on my walks and cycle-trips – daily. Could we please make this a fasion/function/safety statement for all cyclists (and pedestrians).

    • Any codes of conduct just take one person to ignore and it goes to pot. We need to design in desired behaviour. As to the secateurs, I usually keep some around, although recently I did wrestle a fallen tree out of the way.

  2. I’m planning to join you, coming from Batheaston. Allowing 45 min between meeting up and arriving here – is a pit stop at the George part of the schedule?

    • No, the intention is to come off the towpath at Bathampton and ride along Mill Lane (national speed limit road) and head over the field path and footbridge.

  3. Hi Adam

    I have read most of the document you sent out. Very good on the whole – who wrote it? The Locksbrook Bridge section is in twice. Has anyone spotted this?

    Best wishes

    John Taylor


  4. Hi. I Joined you to attend meeting on Wed – when you stopped at the pub by the canal, the George, I thought that’s where we were meeting was going to be – folded the bike – and saw you all disappearing in the distance. – tried in vain to follow you – so went back home. misunderstanding – disappointing. . Hope it all went well. Malena

    • Hi Malena,
      Honestly do not know what happened. There was a misunderstanding that the George was the place for the meeting when it was the George and Dragon at Batheaston.

      So we carried on riding but waited for some time at the entrance to the field path assuming you had somebody to meet in the pub or something. Eventually we had to head on.

      Really sorry.

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