GWR Cycle Booking Policy Update

I wrote to my MP about the big problems people were having with GWR’s new booking policy. In a very detailed response Mark Hopwood has stated that there are good reasons for the booking policy and given the new design of the Inter City trains he is right.

GWR cannot have people wandering up and down a train platform trying to find a free space.

However I have had numerous reports that flexible returns are simply impossible booking a slot can be painful and very very slow going with it taken upwards of 15 minutes if you get through to the right person.

Photos of the letter are below:



One comment

  1. Thank you for uploading that. The letter was very interesting to read. I was pleased to see that the new trains will be able to carry more bicycles that the ones currently in operation. I have had no trouble reserving spaces my bicycle. However, I did have a tough time at Didcot Parkway a few weeks ago trying to convince staff at the barrier that that GWR did issue e-tickets via its app.

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