Keeping London Road Safe for Cycling

We cannot begin to tell you how proud it makes us to see 30+ people standing outside the Guildhall protesting to keep London Road safe. From the bottom of our hearts


Dear Cllr Tony Clarke,

637 people simply ask that you keep this section of London Road safe for cycling. This can be achieved by leaving it as is. It is plainly obvious from the four speeches made about London Road last night that a working party of all stakeholders needs to be organised, but whatever comes out of it, London Road must be kept safe for cycling without compromising the safety of pedestrians.

Nigel Sherwin – Bath Cycling Club

Bryn Jones – Transition Larkhall

Dick Daniels – Transition Bath

Adam Reynolds – CycleBath

The speech made by Adam Reynolds, written as a group by the people above:

The work done for the London Road Gateway scheme has made cycling on London Road safer. There are moves afoot to change the scheme and make it dangerous for cycling on London Road.

In the interests of pedestrian and cyclist safety, especially children, the Council must honour previous undertakings for these cycle paths and:

  1. Abandon any extension of loading/parking bays and times at Walcot Terrace.
  2. Only remove the safety build out if alternative physical safety measures to protect the on-road cycle lane (such as pole cones or the Orca/Armadillo measures) are provided.
  3. Confirm that the on-road (Mandatory and Advisory) cycle lanes eastbound on London Road will be permanent. The Department for Transport Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 update no longer requires Traffic Regulation Orders to install mandatory cycle lanes.

Today I present to you a petition organised by cycling and community groups, signed by 636 people. It asks the council to do absolutely nothing. To save money and keep London Road, heading east between Morrison’s junction and the Cleveland Place junction safe for cycling.

Councillors and Cabinet should recognise that this petition of 636 signatures is the tip of an iceberg of concern about safe cycling in Bath and North East Somerset. It demonstrates a real need to provide safe spaces for cycling on our major arterial routes throughout Bath AND throughout North East Somerset.

Roads, pavements and paths are part of a network. Decisions that seem to affect only a tiny location, actually have an impact on the lives and the transport choices people make miles away from the place of change.

To make cycling comfortable for all, we need good, high quality, protected cycleways – inclusive for all ages and abilities, connecting communities to schools and centres of employment. Where routes are direct, cohesive, and on main roads. Where space is taken from the carriageway and the footway is not compromised.

Two years ago 1129 people petitioned the council to not squeeze cycling out of London Road. Today 636 people are petitioning the council to keep cycling safe on London Road.

The Conservative Transport manifesto makes a key commitment, and I quote.

“Number ONE SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT – To make local bus services, walking and cycling genuinely attractive, realistic transport options. “  All we ask is that this Conservative led administration honours this key manifesto commitment and keeps this small section of London Road safe for cycling by leaving it alone.






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