K&A Towpath – the work continues

If you haven’t been down to the towpath recently you really need to pop down. Better still wait to a rainy horrible day and then pop down. Try to remember how bad it was.

Let me help you:

kennet and avon canal

What is down there is rather fantastic now:


I also think the pea gravel surface on top of asphalt works really well although speaking to somebody who was pushing their father in a wheel chair it was harder going than on the smooth asphalt. The spray and chip top layer is still being applied.

What I do like about the pea gravel is that it makes it noisy to ride/walk along the towpath, and whether we like it or not, we unfortunately have people that do ride too fast and close to people walking and are not prone to using bells and create conflict.

Where the pea gravel surface doesn’t work so well is on the slope down to Grosvenor Bridge. Thankfully it stops halfway down but it feels a bit slippy.

One of the key points made during the consultation was the provision of signs educating people about the Canal and River Trusts Towpath Code of Conduct.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.01.57.png

I have not seen any of these along the route. I’d like to see these down there pretty sharpish. Having spoken to a few people down there, it is a problem and it can be easily addressed.

So what still needs to happen?

  1. The spray and chip surface along the whole length needs to be finished.
  2. The footpath between Hampton Row footbridge and the ramp is being made into a gravel path to make it useable all year round.
  3. Code of conduct Signs need to go up.
  4. The exit area onto Beckford road needs asphalt and the desire line footpaths in this area I believe are going to be gravelled to make them useable all year round.

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