Threat to London Road Cycle Infrastructure

Please please please please please please please sign this petition.

The build-out that protects the cycle lane is being removed without installation of physical barriers to prevent ingress from cars into the mandatory cycle lane.

There is no legal basis for removal of the on-road cycle lane any more as of April 2016.

There are plans afoot to extend the loading bay and reduce the loading times. The loading bays were parking bays until the 24/25th of May. It has taken SO LONG to get the loading bay restrictions in place despite the scheme officially having finished last year.

To read more, go to the petition and then sign it.

We know the infrastructure is poor, but we need to demonstrate to the council, that only budgeted £5k for cycling in 2016/17 for the whole of the county, that cycling for transport and leisure is wanted by the residents and should be supported better by the council.

Please sign. This is important!


    • They will qualify it by pointing out the £3.8M from the Cycle City Ambition Grant (Restricted to Bath) and money from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, but these are central government funds. The actual money specifically taken from the council tax revenues was 5k.

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