Dear Mr Goodwill

Beautifully and succinctly put.



You posed a question in the recent APPCG-organised parliamentary debate which caught my eye. Please, by way of writing this letter, let me help you find an answer.

Your question was posted by the APPCG twitter account, and it reads:

“Robert Goodwill says he will consider KPIs but we need to know why women don’t want to cycle to work. His wife says a helmet spoils her hair”.

Let me start by saying, that I am surprised you are still taking an individual focus, when really we know what keeps people from cycling is the aggressive motor traffic environments that our engineers and planners have created over the last few decades. Their practices are out-dated and do not serve inclusive city making. I do not want to diminish your wife’s approach (as individuals, we naturally focus on ourselves when looking at problems), but truly…

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