Cleveland Pools – Consultation – Cycle Parking

As some people may be aware a community led project is currently underway to bring the Cleveland Pools in Bathwick back into use by early 2018. Until 6 May 2016 a public consultation exercise is being conducted seeking views on current plans.

Due to its location it will not be possible to drive a car and park at the site, and a green travel plan is in place setting out other options, including cycling. However, although initial outline discussions have been held with BathNES Council about the potential for a small number of cycle racks outside, the current design makes no recommendation for secure on-site cycle parking. Some of us think this is a hugely missed opportunity. Should you agree you may wish to consider submitting your thoughts via the short online survey on the website. (The free text box at Qu 15 may be easiest.) Please use you own words, but to assist you may wish to consider something along the lines of:

“I look forward to cycling to the Cleveland Pools when complete. I note, however, that no provision is made in the current design for secure on-site cycle parking. I support the proposal for 20 cycle stands (enabling parking for 40 bicycles) to be installed within the site to ensure sufficient to meet demand.”

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