30 Miles Thursday rides 12 miles for a cuppa.

This Thursday 21st April we will ride by quite lanes and cycle routes to To The Miners Coffee Shop at Pensford. It may be a long way to go for a cup of coffee, but  who knew Pensford now has its own microbrewrey? Hopefully we’ll get a taste….
These rides just get better and better. If you have never been before, we are a sociable easygoing crowd. That means we welcome all comers and we don’t do fast. And we don’t understand the word ‘competitive’ either. But yes there will be some hills. You can’t avoid them around here, but it’s ok to walk up them and if you come a few times, you’ll find you’ll soon be cycling up them! Just bring  a bike and please check the tyres are ok, the brakes and gears work and all its bits are properly attached.
09:30 dept from Kingsmead Square.  Back the usual sort of time, 2 ishish. 


  1. Does anyone know where the access to the Two Tunnels Track is from Combe Down area? It is possible to climb down to entrance to 2nd tunnel (coming from Bath) but other than a muddy track (currently deliberately blocked with branches) there is no sign of a `designated access point` for bikes… Given the Uni, hospitals, YHA, Am Museum, Wessex Water, supermarkets and plenty of townsfolk `on the top` I presume there is one…

    • The only thing I can suggest is exploring here https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/51.3666/-2.3582 but the horrible answer is that there are a few landowners that surround the Two Tunnels that really really really do not like cyclists and make it hard for them to access the TT. After the second tunnel you see an example of the lengths some of them will go to. I’ve never seen that size of kissing gate. You’ll also note the muddy access path in Lyncombe Vale is lined on one side with barbed wire thanks to another horrible land owner.

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