30 Mile Thursdays goes to the Cotswolds

Dont miss this Thursday’s 30 Mile Thursdays Ride, because it takes in the most beautiful countryside on the edge of Bath, because the trees will be coming into leaf, because there will be as many downs as ups, because the company is great, because you wont feel under any pressure on our rides. 25 miles-ish in the direction of Marshfield, may get to Castle Combe if time. Leaves Kingsmead Square at 09:30 on the dot.

Everyone welcome especially if you haven’t been before. Lycra is not needed, nor those fancy and expensive cycling shoes that make you fall off your bike when you cant get them out of your pedals. And you can walk up hills. We’ll be walking with you. Back around 2:30- ish. Just turn up with your bike!1280px-Castle_combe_cotswolds

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