Good road design is not conditional on the good behaviour of users

This sort of post reminds me of the debacle that is Radstock’s recently redesigned centre. The council officers designed in a number of places where cyclists are told to dismount and walk, rather than treat them a separate and equally valid form of transport that could have had their own child-safe space.

How the newly delivered Lower Borough Walls has a 2m wide shared path in front of one of the busiest pasty shops in Bath. When I challenged this, I was told by an officer that I had my chance during the consultation process. These officers are the “experts”.

How the Seven dials scheme, a cycling ambition grant scheme, can have all the cycling network infrastructure fundamentally compromised because of a loading bay that could have been placed 20m away.

These officers are failing, us, the residents of BaNES. These officers, are incapable of delivering good designs. They are asking all cyclists to “behave” due to their lack of ability to get it right. Some of them are embarrassingly poor at delivering good design and should be moved to road sweeping.

We deserve a lot better than this and I hold the senior officers in BaNES to blame for this, in particular Jo Farrer, chief executive for Bath and North East Somerset. Get your house in order. Get your senior officers trained up delivering good public space. Get them trained up and using Bring your senior officers kicking and screaming into the 21st century and if you have to sack them because the type of stuff they are delivering is disgustingly poor.

As Easy As Riding A Bike

I can’t really believe I am having to write a piece saying this, but good road design is not conditional on the good behaviour of users.

Why am I having to say this?

Because Boris Johnson and Leon Daniels – respectively, the Chair of Transport for London, and the Managing Director of Surface Transport at Transport for London – have produced some very silly comments in yesterday’s TfL board meeting.

Almost as soon as the discussion turned to delivery on the Mayor’s Cycle Vision, Johnson himself got straight on to one of his personal ‘concerns’. (You can listen for yourself from around the 1:27:00 mark).

Johnson The one thing I am worried about is, on the new Cycle Superhighways, which are really fantastic (although they’re not quite open), the thing I am worried about now is there are people actually going too fast. I think there are some…

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