Thirty Mile Thursdays to Mells

mells.jpg-10This Thursday, it’s Mells via the two tunnels and Radstock. Mostly cycle route there, but back over the top for variety. Around 25 miles last time I looked. Tea in Mells, a beautiful churchyard with historic grave of a famous war poet,  and should we want to delay, we can visit an exceptional ancient pub at Tuckers Grave on the way back. Everyone is welcome as these are easy non speedy rides (with the occasional unavoidable hill which you can walk up). We aren’t in it for the distance or the speed! Lycra and other fancy stuff is completely unnecessary (I cycle in Cords as you know), but you will need a bike in good order, with a decent range of gears, but please, not a mountain bike! 9.30 prompt from Kingsmead Square, on 4th February.

At the moment our gender ratio is approx one third women, two thirds men. Lets get it 50:50



  1. What have you got against mountain bikes? I’ve got two and have never been overtaken by anyone wearing cords. 🙂

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