Ecology of cycling – the cyclist you design

If you build it right children will come and cycle on it.


A quick note from me this week, proclaiming that “you get the cyclist who you have designed for”. A depiction of that thought process came out of my head this week (below) … let me know if it’s replicating (visual) thoughts that you have seen elsewhere. I’d be interested to hear. Please share it onwards. It’s important I believe, that we talk about cycling in context and that we talk about it creatively too. That should mean that we ought to ‘create’, shift and shape the context and creatively describe and explain the context too.

There are indicators (type of cyclist, type of cycling, type of cycles…) that correlate with cycle modal share and available infrastructure.

Observations that could be made about the ‘ecology of cycling’ are these:

The more predominant the upright/vertical position of the cyclist is in the prevailing cycling constituency, the stronger is a cycling ‘culture’ and…

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