30 mile thursdays goes bananas


The three of us who turned up in the cold rain last Thursday invoked rule 5 and went home to read a good book.

So this Thursday 26th November, we’ll be doing last Thursday’s ride to Bradford On Avon, which will be lovely as no rain is forecast. There are also two great attractions at Bradford. First,we’ll pop into Mr Salvats for coffee and travel back in time (really). Second, Thursday is market day in BoA, so we can all stock up on fruit and veg and lug them back on our bikes.

We will cycle out through Conkwell woods and back through Iford and Freshford, mostly on back lanes, with just a tiny bit of towpath.

See you Thursday. 9:30, Kingsmead Square. Back about 2 pm. Share this with your friends and lets see if we can beat our record of 15!
FFI: Tony Ambrose 07816 588287. tambrose31@gmail.com

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