Shock tactics in canal towpath campaign.

Not only do you get an interesting article, you also get to see me sporting an acceptable moustache. Please please please attend the towpath consultations happening on Friday (Bathampton Village Hall 2-8pm) and Saturday (New Oriel Hall, Larkhall 11-5pm)


The shockingly graphic posters that have been erected. Click on the image to enlarge. The shockingly graphic posters that have been erected. Click on the image to enlarge.

Those who fear improvements, planned for the canal towpath into Bath, will lead to a cycling take-over are using shock tactics to get their message across.

Graphic posters have been erected around the Grosvenor Bridge access route to the canal towpath into Bath showing the bloodied face of a woman who – we assume –  has been in collision with a cyclist.

Though the poster talks about ‘widespread evidence for an increase in speeding cyclists where towpath upgrades have already been done’  l have been told the image is of someone who does not live in this area and comes from an ‘incident’ which occurred several years ago elsewhere in the country.

Meanwhile, the poster says the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath is – l quote -“widely publicised as a part of the Two Tunnels circular cycle route…

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  1. Nightmare Scenario
    I am a keen lifelong cyclist. Upgrading the cycle path, ie wider & flatter, will lead to more speeding cyclists. It will also transform what is a pleasant stroll/bike ride to Bathampton into just the same as riding along a road. The whole point is it’s a gentle amble though the countryside, by bike or feet, alongside water. Do we need the hardshoulder from the M1 to do that? Plus it will cost hundreds of thousands to ruin the whole point.

  2. I’m finding the misinformation bandied around about this stretch of the towpath quite bizarre. Surely it can only be a good thing to provide a towpath surface that will enable a much wider range of people to use what is a lovely resource? For example as Adam says, make it easier to use push chairs and buggies. And wheelchair users as well – I’d love to be able to go out for a stroll there with my friend when he visits next, having not been able to consider it until now.
    And yes, I walk that stretch frequently. I also run it from time to time. And I cycle it. I’m a woman aged almost 60. I’d love a better surface to improve my enjoyment of the towpath.
    Surely the answer is for all users to respect all other users – I could start a rant about dog users who let their dogs loose to harass cyclists, walkers and children; I could provide graphic photos of my injuries the time I was forced off my bike on the towpath by a large group of women walkers who took over the whole width of the towpath. But I’m not going to, and I find the use of that person with injuries offensive and misleading.

    • As chairman of the local branch of the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust my concern is that the condition of the towpath will continue to deteriorate until it becomes impassable for everyone. Something has to be done. The graphic poster is distasteful, but may help to increase attendance at the consultation sessions this weekend, by people from all points of view. We need to get away from the idea of putting users into different groups or factions. The space is there to be shared by everyone. Please take a look at the link in the comment by awjreynolds to the Canal and River Trust’s “Better towpaths for everyone”.If nothing is done to maintain the infrastructure, the alternative will be to let the canal revert back to the state it was in before restoration was carried out. The towpath is no longer the domain of a few plodding horses, but to be enjoyed by everyone all year round. An all weather surface is the only logical solution.

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