Cycle Bath Monthly Meeting – Sunday 21st, 7:20pm George Inn, Bathampton

Cycle Bath hold open public meetings. Please feel free to come along and raise issues.

For this one we’ll be meeting outside Laura Place at 7pm (Great Pulteney Street Fountain) and, topically, cycling along the towpath.

Dick Daniels has a more complete agenda however these are some of the things off the top of my head that will come up:

  1. The Towpath, CCAG money and the Canal and River Trust.
  2. The upcoming meeting with the council to discuss future set of cycle projects. If you were at the Cycle Forum you were invited.
  3. Stephen has written a constitution. Needed for our FoBRA Associate membership application.
  4. We need 5 core objectives around which we can focus campaigning. Ideas:
    1. “Get on yer bike to School” :- We need work out and push for good routes from communities to schools. e.g. Mulberry Park I see this as us needing to engage with the actual schools, get their pupils to come up with routes.
    2. Holding council to account :- Council adoption of the Cycle and Walking audit tools and ideally the sacking/retraining of Highways department. Exhibit A: 

    3. The joy of cycling :- Promotion of cycling on our stand and in a weekly e-newsletter.
    4. Public/Councillor Education/Lack of Ambition?? :- The Council cabinet minister for transport has stated he does not believe cycling is part of Bath transport solution as cycling will only rise from 2% to 2.43% in this term. Seville went from 1% to 11% in 3 years. (This may fall under B)
    5. Public Space :- Constant vigilance, looking at planning applications and being critical.
  5. More site authors. The more we engage with the public, the more they hopefully understand we are not campaigning for existing people cycling and are campaigning to create space where parents can let their children cycle. Dave F’s article on alice park is still the most read article on the site.
  6. Reaching out. Recently been attending Transition Bath. Other groups we should engage with? I see disability groups key here as the council has a habit of creating shared space, not segregated space. Shared space demonises cyclists and just p*sses other users off.
  7. Claude Avenue Bridge :- My nemesis returns. I FOI’d the Stage 3 safety audit and have asked that the dropped kerb recommendation is installed. Why the council thinks it’s acceptable for people to have to cycle along a bridge footpath…..grrr.

That’s it! See you by the fountain or at the pub.

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