Condition of Kensington Meadows & Grosvenor footpath

 Kensington Meadows

This is a typical winter condition at the entrances into the meadows, slippery on a bike, even with knobbly tyres. De rigueur footwear – wellies:: SAL_0195_001

I persuaded BANES’s parks department to lay wood chippings, but is just a temporary solution. The path in the middle of the meadow is still muddy. SAM_0912_012

What could be the solution can be found in Innox Park, behind Bath City Football Club. BANES have just laid a compacted gravel path with a loose grit surface with a short length of bitmac at each entrance. It looks good & feels durable. Ridable by all types of bikes. Only minor quibble is the edging stands proud so a bit difficult for kids on trikes to ride over to the play area. Cllr David Dixon is currently looking into the costing for this style of path.SAM_0920_006

This is the locked entrance into Ringswell Gardens & on to Balustrade/St Saviours. I’m guessing it’s the moaning locals which prevents a pedestrian access. Snapdragons nursery in Grosvenor have a key & use the meadows for recreation. It might be worth asking them if an open entrance & path would be beneficial.SAM_0911_013

Grosvenor Footpath

This photo shows the stretch from the bridge to the railway that was surfaced last year. The bit to the left needs to be bitmac as users are jostling for position at the narrow section just before the rail bridge SAM_0913_011

Turn right after the rail bridge & you get to the sloped path up to the canal. Due to the tree canopy this is its typical condition for 2-3 seasons of the year. I came across a woman struggling in the mud to push her grandchild up in a pram.: SAM_0921_005

What looks like a reasonably dry side to the right is at such a steep camber that no ones walks or rides on it, so the effective usable width is about 300mm  SAM_0923_004

This sloped section needs to be surfaced to provide easier access to the canal for all. Due to the falling leaves it will probably have to be bitmac.  SAM_0924_003

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