Bollards to BANES

I may have mentioned Claude Avenue before and what needs to happen.  How what we ended up with was good, but nobody seems to have considered how a bicycle was supposed to get from the road onto the ramp.

Now the council has a lot of cooks. Some have bigger hats then others, so you can end up getting something right and a month later somebody is pissing in the cooking pot…

So we went from this:

2014-08-13 15.46.15

2014-08-13 15.50.03

A meeting later we had this:

Claude Avenue Ramp From Road
Claude Avenue Ramp From Road
Claude Avenue Ramp onto Two Tunnels path
Claude Avenue Ramp onto Two Tunnels path

Last Friday this happened:

2014-11-03 12.49.42
New set of bollards with less than 1.2m gap in front of good set of bollards.

After a call to the council, this morning we have this:

B1lVRYYIUAApMIeSo the bollards set at the minimum recommended 1.2m gap by Sustrans have been removed and ones with a 1.05m gap have been installed. These do not meet the Sustrans design standards the Highways states the council adheres to.

The plan is to end up with a guard rail on the footpath set 1/2m from the road running almost the full width of the ramp entrance:

New design for Claude Avenue making it dangerous for cyclists and children using school.
New design for Claude Avenue making it dangerous for cyclists and children using school.

So cyclists can no longer ride onto the ramp directly from the road. Any cyclist coming up the ramp will now have to turn directly into the path of pedestrians and of course it will be their fault.


I refer you back to my original article on what needs to happen but just in case, it really is this simple:

Claude Avenue Ramp Ultimate Solution.
Claude Avenue Ramp Ultimate Solution.

There are so many benefits to this change. Kids are protected along the footpath. The Bus Stop has all cars removed from it. Cyclists have a safe on road to ramp route (Kerb is currently very high).

The council needs to start listening to people it employs. They need to stop building shit and wasting our money. They need to damn well start delivering quality infrastructure.

If they don’t, the Bath Transport strategy is just going to be this thing of high aspirations that get’s blown out of water by councillors meddling in the designs because “y’know…think of the votes kids”.


    • To be clear minimum of 1.2m with a recommended of 1.5m is mentioned elsewhere if I recall (I wanted 1.5m originally). What is more important is that the council needs to adopt an exact set of design standards and then stick to them. Having councillors scream “think of the children” then install dangerous infra to stop those speeding cyclists with no basis on ANY evidence has to stop.

    • No, ie “where speed reduction is required”. This is at the top of a ramp, where the incline should reduce the speed sufficiently. Therefore, no bollards are required and definitely not a “see-through type” of stealth fence to catch out unwary riders and make them crash into the path of other users!

      • I asked originally to have just one post in the middle of the entrance. It gave a 1.5m space. The issue we have is that people are ‘fearing’ what cyclists will do the kids at the exit as well as the idea of people riding off the ramp directly into traffic. It’s a tad ridiculous.

    • I had a reply from Councillor Paul Crossley saying “An error was made initially, but there are now three bollards at the top of the ramp. We are currently reviewing the spacing of these bollards following feedback from cyclists and others who use the path.” So basically, no apology for wasting money and no expectation that they’ll remove these evil crash hazards placed next to a junction! 😦

  1. Honestly when it comes to Bollards I’ve sort of given up. I just want the council to stick to delivering to Sustrans design guidance (and even that is sometimes not very good).

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