Keynsham Strategy – Final Thoughts

On Tuesday I popped along to the consultation event and had a rather long discussion with Rab Smith from BANES. By the end of it I felt warm and fuzzy. Seriously impressed when it comes to what they are planning for cycling in Keynsham. I don’t think cars get a great deal out of the strategy, but that’s because the place actually needs a North-South bypass, but let’s focus on the good bits.

As previously discussed the strategy felt very car centric. However what it comes down to is a document available on John Grimshaw’s consultancy website. The pdf document goes into great detail delivering a new 6km route into Bristol, across the top of Keynsham and connecting the route to the current Bristol to Bath path towards Bath.

This connects Keynsham to the best cycle route into Bath while providing a new cycle route into Bristol and providing a new traffic free route for existing B2B users.

The new route into Bristol across the top of Keynsham.
The new route into Bristol across the top of Keynsham.

The more interesting thing about this is the long term ambition to then drive a route south along the river Chew through the heart of Keynsham.

Route south through Keynsham along River Crew.
Route south through Keynsham along River Chew.

Suddenly Keynsham has a fantastic traffic free route directly to the train station and more importantly a beautiful traffic free route into Bath and Bristol.  It really has been very well thought out.

I do think BANES have a fight on their hands to get the route south. The idea of creating a cycle route through an existing park is not something that sits well with existing users and Keynsham councillors. However the connection south is the last piece of the puzzle, so I can see public opinion changing over time, once Keynsham gets used to this fantastic leisure/commuter traffic free cycle routes north of the town. It is a real game changer for Keynsham. I just hope they see it as such.

As to cars and the current congestion. North South bypass or broke. Nothing else will solve that one. 🙂

If you want to leave your thoughts on the strategy there is an online questionnaire here.


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