Call To Action: Where is the vision for the Enterprise Area Master Plan?

A “call to action” is where we ask people to contact their councillor and/or MP on a specific cycling related matter. It is vitally important that they hear from regular people and not just ‘those Cycle Bath people’. It changes their stance on how important cycle provision is, the way the council allocates cycle infrastructure budgets, and ultimately the way the council officers (planning) see the need for good cycling provision.

All we are asking is for 3 minutes of your time to send the email below. If you want to get more involved then have a look here but copy and send the email below first!

The Issue

Pines Way Gyratory is being removed as part of the re-development of the building in the middle. Bath Quays is being redeveloped as part of Enterprise Master plan. I have discussed both issues here and here.

The developers for Pines Way specifically stated that the layout they have chosen for the road system is one they did because there is no master plan for how the council wish to proceed.

The Quay side being developed by the council has not considered how you connect the cycle paths to the rest of Bath without just simply dumping cyclists back on roads. When asked why a better connected network was not part of the design, their answer was to state that Local Sustainable Transport Money would ‘fix’ the problems at some point in the future.

We need BANES to have a ‘vision’ of what they see the city being like in 10 years time. Not a piecemeal isolated set of developments that don’t give a good network of safe routes into the city.

The Letter

The following should be copied and sent to your local councillors and to your MP through the Write To Them website (remember to copy the text before going to the site) or directly if you know their email addresses.


I note that recent developments of the Pines Way Gyratory (Planning Reference:14/02619/FUL) and Bath Quays (Planning Reference:14/04195/EREG03) appear within the Bath Enterprise Area Master Plan. However a number of issues with both developments seems to be occurring to deliver poor cycle infrastructure due to the 'vision' of the BEAMP being incomplete.

In the case of Pines Way, the developers have nothing in the Master Plan to direct them on how to deliver any cycle infrastructure, so they ignored cycling. The developers could have replaced the traffic lights with Dutch style roundabouts which would have released up to two lanes of road and would enable provision of segregated cycle and pedestrian routes directly into the city from Oldfield Park.

In the case of the Bath Quays, the development stops halfway along Green Park Road,rather than continue a shared path up to the junction with Midland Bridge Road (in effect connecting the network to Pines Way). The traffic-free cycle path dumps you out onto Green Park Road on a fast bend as this is the edge of the development.

My main concern is not with addressing each of these issues, but with the fact the Bath Enterprise Area Master Plan doesn't seem to provide a 'vision' of how different transport options are to be handled, creating a good solid 'network' across the whole of Bath. 

In fact there seems to be a general feeling of 'just develop my bit' and the rest will be fixed at a later date, with no idea what that fix will actually be.

Can you confirm that the Council has a vision of what they want the traffic network in Bath to be, in particular the cycle and pedestrian network, and that this is available to developers and BANES planning officers.


After copying the text go to the Write To Them website and send away!

Good luck and post which councillors and MP you are sending it to below!


  1. Template emails tend to be ignored. Suggest using your own wording. At least it looks like you have thought for yourself about the issue and not just blindly copying someone else’s idea.

    • You are probably right, BUT, some councillors have never received an email about cycling and we are trying to change this. We need to show the councillors that their constituents want them to care about cycling.

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