Bath Cycle Map

Please use the map freely, but more importantly, copy this text:

To enable everyone to cycle in comfort we need high quality space for cycling, inclusive for all ages and abilities, connecting communities with schools and centres of employment. Routes must be direct and cohesive, with space on main roads re-allocated from the general carriageway, not the footway.

Then write to your councillors and tell them this or use BaNES’ own councillor directory to write to your councillor. Apparently they receive very few, if any, request to make cycling better.

PDF’s of the latest version: Bath Cycle Network Quality Map August 2017

Latest high quality image:

Bath Cycle Network Quality Map (1)



Currently you can make a copy of the map and edit it for your own needs here google docs.

A template is available here from which you can begin your own map. Tutorial is available here.

Abstractions that might be of interest :