Our Casual Rides

Cycle Bath is full of people that are passionate about cycling. These people  sometimes cycle because there is cake.  So we set up a Casual Rides calendar because sometimes these people don’t want to eat cake on their own.

Casual rides involve beautiful scenery, cake, sometimes beer, and always great company. It gives ride leaders a chance to show you a little pocket of the world you may not have seen. Pace of rides is slow (12mph or less).

Anyone can add a ride. Just supply your email address below and we will set you up as a leader to cakes and beautiful scenery.

We strongly recommend you subscribe to the google calendar.





  1. Your leisurely rides look interesting, but your google calender info is vague and not enough. Exactly how far, and to where, are they going?? What route you will take, is also what interested cyclists want to know…!

  2. Hi
    I’ve been out on the Sunday casual rides but not been added to a list to receive more info about the rides.
    I’ve heard others mention it so would be nice to get more details.
    Ta Stella

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