Bath MTB Group

Facebook page here.

MTB group meeting each Wed night for a social ride @1830 from Widcombe (see meeting point).
Meeting point:

We’re not a club, just a group that meets and rides 🙂

We have a mailing list.
To subscribe go to:
To Post send email to:

You’ll need to be reasonably fit and preferably some offroad experience but we’re happy to give hints and tips – we all started somewhere!

The only ‘rules’: No lid, no ride. Be self-sufficient: bring a pump, tools, fluid and food.

Rides last about 3 hrs, sometimes a bit longer so you’ll need lights.


  1. Hi I am a confident mountain biker and would like to join the group on Wednesday. How do I go about that? Where in Widcombe do you meet?

  2. My son is 13 years old and he would like to ride. He is not an expert rider. Do you have a group for Children?

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