Timsbury Cycling Group

From their website:

Timsbury Cycle Group                                – write to TimsburyCG@yahoo.co.uk for your next ride


Why You Should Join Our Group

An informal group for road cyclists In and around Timsbury – Bath and North East Somerset. 

We have regular weekly rides for fun and to get fit.

We focus on “road” cycling, that is, racer-type bikes, with “drop handlebars”, suited to the roads.
Year round, we go riding most weekends. Rides are generally on a Sunday, (although occasionally Saturday) when the local roads are the quietest. The rides tend to be about 35 miles, for about 3 hours. The “pace” is about 15 miles per hour. If we have time, we might plan in a coffee shop stop too, for a cuppa and a bacon sandwich.
We normally leave from the Conygre Hall, Timsbury at 7.30am, sharp, and are generally back by 10-10:30am. Our reasoning is, the earlier we leave, the earlier we will be back. Also, many of the riders have young families to get back to, and leaving early means it doesn’t take over the whole day.
During the summer, when the nights are longer, we might go out during the week too. These rides are usually a bit shorter, due to time constraints, and about 15-20 miles in length. For example a lap or two of Chew Valley lake. They tend to be arranged on a more ad-hoc basis, via our facebook group.
Also, our group is FREE to join, we don’t charge anything, just turn up on your road bike and come out for a ride.
Write to us to get an invite to the facebook group and to our next ride at: TimsburyCG@yahoo.co.uk


  1. Hi, I want to join a cycle club. I have a racer type bike but it has no gears.

    Would it be appropriate for your type of cycling?



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