Folly Flyers

Twitter account here and facebook here.

We are the Folly Flyers, one of Bath’s biggest unofficial cycling groups.

We meet every week, Wednesday 6:00 at the Crown Bathford.
(There are regular posts regarding our rides if a meeting point was to change)

The group is set up and run by riders for riders.
Please try and show up for rides and trips as often as possible.

As a group we like to socialise as much as ride our bikes.

Info on rides and upcoming events can be shared and is appreciated.

All riders accept their own responsibility for safety.
Helmets are mandatory and other safety gear is strongly advised.

As is a good level of maintenance for your bike.


  1. We aim to encourage all riders and all abilities we always wait for people who aren’t necessarily fit enough or are just rusty or new to the sport we’ve all been there at one point and know what it’s like. We are a lively lot that enjoy a good bit of ‘banter’ which shouldn’t be taken seriously. We always end the ride with either a pint at the Crown (In bathford) after Wednesday night ride club which meets at the pub for 6pm all year round, or a brew wherever we are. We have a mix of riders from Dh ‘xc’ , 4x and just good old trail riders. To join our fb group we normally have a one ride policy only due to the fact bike thieves scour these pages for information. So come along. Also you ride at your own risk and we as an unofficial group take no responsibility for injuries caused whilst riding as a group on any organized rides. Sometimes the land we ride across isn’t exactly kosher so refer to the rules of the Mtb and respect the local trails you use and people that share them.

  2. Hi I am keen mountain biker looking to join a local group. Can anyone turn up on a Wednesday 6pm Bathford Crown?


  3. Hello,
    I would like to join you tomorrow evening. I notice above it says helmet and other safety gear. I’ve got a helmet – can you advise what other safety gear I may need? Thanks!


  4. That FB group isn’t open to the public and I closed my account long ago… I’ll show up and learn if I am missing anything for the next time I suppose. Thank you for the response.

  5. Hi, I don’t have FB either and have found little on Twitter. Do you guys still go out on Weds at 6pm?

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