I want to ride

What people want out of cycling is different on an individual basis. From learning to ride, to going on crazy 100 mile rides at 7am on a Sunday morning or even throwing yourself off a cliff and enjoying the rush of downhill riding. Bath has it all.

We hope what you find here will help you get the most out of cycling in Bath.

This is a list of organisations, clubs, businesses, and even people that help you get on a bike and get you out there cycling in and around Bath.

NOTE: If you want to arrange your own rides we suggest you look at Go Sky Ride as it allows you to set up your own public rides.

Cycle Clubs

Bath CC - Oldest cycling club in the city. 
Velo Club Walcot - The 'other' cycling club in the city.
Bath Uni CC
Timsbury Cycling Club
Somer Valley CC
Sulis Scorpions - Youth Cycling Club
Salt and Sham - Saltford/Keynsham
Folly Flyers - Bath's Unofficial MTB club.

Organised Rides

Go Sky Ride - Ride database and organise your own rides.
Recycle your Sundays - Lazy Sunday rides run by Frank Thompson every two weeks.
Bath Breeze - Women only rides in and around Bath
Bath MTB Group - Wednesday evening off road rides.
Rusty Bike Rides - Organised rides for new and returning riders.
Thirty Mile Thursdays – Informal group that departs Kingsmead Square Bath 9.30am each Thursday.

Odd Down Cycle Circuit

Go by Bike - Using the Odd Down circuit to let you try riding, to teach you how to ride, and better your biking skills.
Try Active - Learn to ride and become a better rider (16+).
Wheels For All - Bikes suited for disabled riders.
Club Hosted Events - Bath CC and Walcot VC joint hosted evenings and weekend events/trainiing sessions

Bike Shops

See a more detailed list here (explaining the brand of bikes they sell)

Bath Bike Workshop - Avon Street
Cadence - Chelsea Road
Cycle Works - Weston High Street
Halfords - Westgate Buildings
John's Bikes - Walcot Street
Total Fitness - Saracen Street
Green Park Bike Station - It's in the name :)
Avon Valley Cyclery - Train Station
Randy's Bikes - Combe Down
Take Charge Bikes - Lower Bristol Road

Cycle friendly cafes and pubs

List of cafes and pubs to use when planning rides here.

Premises that support Space for Cycling

We pop along to businesses and ask them if they would mind if they had one of our posters up in their premises.

The King's Arms - Monmouth St
Society Cafe - Guildhall and Kingsmead Sq
Da Vinci's Deli - Wellsway
Velo Lounge - Moorland Road
Rider's Rest - Wellow Trekking Centre

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