Cycle City Ambition Grant

Full details of the bid documents can be found on website. We have extracted what is specific to Bath from this.

CCAG bids are about doing things that just could not be achieved within budgets for the Local Sustainable Transport funds (at most 150k for a project). You would never get a spend of £1m on a bridge. This is what the CCAG is all about. Ambition.

How to use this page

This is laid out into 4 sections.

  • Being Elaborated:- This is where we can make the biggest influence
  • To be Elaborated:- Yup, we know it’s coming. Think hard about it and be ready to get involved when we can.
  • Ready for Delivery:- Cycle Bath has done all it can, the plans are set in stone and we are just watching it happen.
  • Delivered:- Either being built or nothing else left to do. Any issues probably to be raised post delivery.


Bath – East

Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East Proposed Scheme
Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East Proposed Scheme

Upgrade Kennet & Avon Tow Path (NCN4) to improve access from the East of Bath to the City Centre and Enterprise Area. Also to improve access to Grosvenor Bridge for residents of Lambridge and the London Road area of the city.


£675k spend. Delivery in 2015-2016 year.


A Reynolds proposal 9th of March 2015

The trello board with all of the scheme breakdown.

SVG Map of above available here.


 Halfpenny Bridge Scheme 2016-2018

Widen bridge to improve access to city centre and Rail station for pedestrians and cyclists from south Bath.

Halfpenny Bridge Schem
Halfpenny Bridge Scheme

£1800k spend between 2016-2018; £900k in 16/17; £900k in 17/18.


Halfpenny Bridge includes the link to Rossiter Road as well as the bridge and the opening up of the arches in the rail bridge to get through. We don’t cause pedestrians much hassle, but a lot of other cyclists do and putting in this bridge sorts out that issue as well as linking things up.

 Locksbrook Bridge 2017-2019

To re-open a disused rail bridge in the heart of the Bath Enterprise Area to pedestrians and cyclists. Connecting the Railway Path (NCN4) to Two Tunnels route creating vital link from the south, east and west of Bath to the Enterprise Area

Locksbrook Bridge Schem
Locksbrook Bridge Scheme

£1300k spend between 2016-2018; £300k in 16/17; £1000k in 17/18.


To provide a new crossing of the River Avon for pedestrians and cyclists, by reopening the Locksbrook (River Avon) Railway Bridge, disused since the 1960’s.  This will provide a link between the Railway Path (NCN4) and Two Tunnels routes which converge close to either side of this bridge

Door-to-door journeys

Cycle parking to support door-to-door journeys and Riverside development.


£88k spend between 2015-2017; £40k in 15/16; £48k in 16/17.




Seven Dials 2014-2015

The project aims to improve the area as a public space with more focus on the needs of people walking and cycling.


£1200k to spent in 2015/2016


BaNES webpage

Seven Dials Scheme
Seven Dials Scheme

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