CCAG Bath East

As this is getting a lot of attention at the moment this page specifically provides an overview of what the proposal is about.

The CycleBath proposed project in one graphic:

Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East Proposed Scheme
Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East Proposed Scheme

Posts related to the project:

The project board:

A selection of images in no particular order.

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Bath Chronicle April 9th 2015 CCAG Bath East Proposal
Bath Chronicle April 9th 2015 CCAG Bath East Proposal
Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East Proposed Scheme
Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East Proposed Scheme


  1. Very good overall but i am very concerned about Grosvenor Bridge ramp upgrade. While some improvements i.e. drainage are required i think that it is fundamentally good as it is. Too much ‘ improvement’ to the surface may result in a pile of prams/ wheelchairs/ and children bikes at the bottom ..too fast-too dangerous-too ugly

    • Too unaccessible to people in the middle of winter? I’m very much of the opinion that whatever surface is chosen it has to make the ramp useable in deep winter. When discussed at the Larkhall Festival, many people also wanted it lit to make it safe for kids/women to use. People pointed out that when cycling the muddy towpath/ramp in the wet, if they were towing a child, then that child got covered in mud. I understand the idea of preserving a natural route, but the same concerns were raised about Linear Park/Two Tunnels. With a careful planting strategy it now is a fantastic wildlife corridor and used all year round connecting communities to schools.

  2. The ramp definitely needs an all-weather surface. In winter it is usually too muddy for people wearing ordinary shoes to walk it without getting their feet muddy. Cyclists – other than MTB riders willing to get muddy – avoid the route in winter, meaning it cannot be a proper commuter or utility route for “everyday” cyclists until it is improved. If there are concerns about speed coming down the ramp, then just put in a couple of chicanes or speed bumps. And widen it at the bend at the bottom so there is room for pushchairs/dogwalkers to avoid cyclists, yet stay on the path. There is absolutely no way that it is “fundamentally good as it is”, unless you are comparing it to a neolithic goat-track.

    • It’s the COUNTRYSIDE it is not a part of the URBAN environment.
      It could do with some cleaning / maintenance / improved drainage .

      Whats the matter with muddy? Don’t resurface it , maintain it better

      • The ramp is part of a potentially viable all-year commuting route for cyclists (and pedestrians) on the east side of Bath to reach the centre, without negotiating the dangerous mess that is London Road. It is only a mile from the centre. It is already part of the (sub)urban environment; this is why muddy is not good enough.

  3. A year on, and the ramp is working reasonably well. However: through the winter it accumulated a thick coating of mud, making it slippery and potentially dangerous. I think that low kerbs along both sides, and possibly reverting to a plain tarmac surface (for the ramp only) might fix this.

    • The ‘mud’ is actually rotting leaves.
      Only a small amount of maintenance is needed . i.e. the slope needs brushing / raking once or twice throughout winter.

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