BaNES Council Funded Works

What follows is an extract from the council’s budget for the 2015/2016 year. This can and does change subject to discussions within the council and sometimes even Cycle Bath.

Proposed pedestrian schemes 2015/16              
ITEM Originator Area/Ward Scheme Scheme details (provide enough detail for the scheme to be assesed for feasibility and cost) Total cost 2015/16 Comments
P1 SC MSN High Street MSN-pedestrian phase @ signals At Sainsburys vehicle exit 20 Design & implement  
P2 SC Keynsham Charlton Road o/s St Kenya School-Upgrade zebra to Puffin or raised zebra   40 Design & implement  
P3 AS Saltford Upgrade existing Pelican to Puffin/Toucan To be constructed 2013/14 0 Design & implement  
P4 PB Bathwick Newbridge Hill zebra Part of Chelsea Road regen scheme 35 Design & implement Requires more accurate costing.
P5 SC Bathford Bathford Hill refuge O/S pub 18 Design & implement  
P6 SC Chew Stoke Pedestrian refuge O/S paper shop/Quarry Hay, Bristol Road 18 Design & implement  
P7 SC Bathampton Footway buildout and mobility crossings Near Harbutts junction 13 Design & implement  
P8 AS/PB Abbey Argyle Street Raised table 24 Design & implement  
P9 AS Abbey Westgate Street/Parsonage Lane Raised table 13 Design & implement Requires more accurate costing.
P10 SC   Old Gloucester Road Pedestrian improvements and road safety 15 Design & implement  
P11 PB Weston Weston Lane Change of junction priorities and pedestrian facilities. Budget to support LTP scheme proposed for 2015/16. 21 Design & implement  
P12 PB   Upper Bristol Road/Windsor Bridge Widen footway on south side near pedestrian refuge 12 Design & implement  
P13 PB Area wide School crossing patrol issues When school patrols leave may be a need to improve pedestrian facilities. 21 Design & implement  
P14 PB Keynsham Chandag Road Pedestrian facilities and road safety improvements 65 Design & implement  
  SB Keynsham Charlton Road Pedestian improvements 50 Design & implement  
  SB Keynsham Larkhall Zebra crossing 35 Design & implement  
Proposed cycle Schemes – 2015/16              
ITEM Originator Area/Ward Scheme Scheme details (provide enough detail for the scheme to be assesed for feasibility and cost) Option B -2015/16 cost 2015/16 Comments
C1 AS District Wide General Cycle parking   20 Implement  
C2 NJ General Small signing issues Small pot of funding for ad hoc signing and information boards etc 10 Implement  
C4 AS K&A towpath Grosvenor Bridge to K&A canal shared use path and London Road improvements-Phase 1 Phase 1’s improvements to the links to/from Grosvenor Bridge including removal of hatching from centre of carriageway between Grosvenor Bridge Road and Gloucester Road to provide sufficient width to provide traffic free facility eastbound. To the west explore permissive path along floodplain at Kensington Meadows and link through to Morrisons and link north through car park (to be reconfigured – use Hereford Rd as example). This allows the route to be linked to the regeneration scheme where there is sufficient highway width to provide a two-way facility on south side of road as far as Cleveland
Place junction.
100 Design and implement in phases Also need to establish landowner of one section up to K&A canal. Cycle track order or Dedication Agreement, design and path reconstruction. Works include: detailed design, consultation, costing and request for funding for future construction of path.
C5 PB SE Bath Bathwick Hill toucan @ Copseland – construction Contribution to funding on 15/16 capital programme 40 Implement Contribution
C6 ADC Central Bath Powlett Rd/Bathwick Street Link Progress Powlett Road Cycle Track Order 2015/16 10 Progress CTO  
C7 RS/JFT K&A towpath K&A towpath – improve surface from Warminster Road to Grosvenor Bridge path Resurfacing towpath 60 Design and implement in phases If more funding available for construction then consider increasing budget.
C8 AS Newbridge Locksbrook Road Trading Estate access to 2 Tunnels Sustrans carrying out feasibility.
If can go through car park low cost solution.
If ramp more funding required.
10 Implement  
  Sustrans MSN Radstock to Thicket Mead Improved surfacing and signing. Include 5 Arches link signing. 100 Design and implement in phases The route follows the Norton Radstock Greenway an
existing traffic free route. It acts as an east/west spine
and could be improved by better access to adjacent
locations and an improved surface.
C13 Sustrans Keynsham/ Saltford Bath Road shared use path Aims-links between Saltford and Keynsham, particularly for Wellsway school, link Keynsham BBRP. One section due to be constructed this year and Toucan.
Other phases require footway widening and resurfacing which could be done in phases.
50 Design and implement in phases  
D1 PB Widcombe Lower Oldfield Road Crossing Pedestrian survey was carried out on Lower Oldfield Road would justify an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing. The proposal would be a pedestrian build out of the existing footpath to narrow the road (near the lower entrance to the upper school to improve visibility for pedestrians). 6000 Design and implement  
D2 JI Lyncombe Improvements to BMX track Make safe for spectators 15000 Design and implement  
D3     Cycle racks on buses Pilot scheme with First Bus 15000 Design and implement  
D4 PB Widcombe Crossing Hayesfield School Crossing between Junction Road and Stanley Road West junction on Brougham Hayes 2500 Feasibility  
D5 PB Oldfield Shaftesbury Road Pedestrian improvements Works in area around pavements in Shaftesbury Road 20000 Design and implement  
D6 PB Kingsmead Cycle Racks Cycle racks at Marlborough buildings 1000 Design and implement  
D7 SC Radstock Cycle Links in Radstock There are a number of possibles in Radstock; cycle/pedestrian link between Writhlington and Colliers Way or cycle/pedestrian link between Haydon and Colliers Way or feasibility on improving pedestrian/cycle links between Clandown and Radstock. 10000 Feasibility  
D8 SC BAS Green Lane Junction pedestrian improvements Three speed tables would probably be the best solution, Green Lane junction 10000 Feasibility  
D9 PB Abbey Improve pavements for pedestrians Pavements in St Johns Road 10000 Design and implement  
D10 PB Widcombe Lamp post Wells Road One extra lamppost on the path from Wells Road to Lower Bristol underneath the rail arches 5000 Design and implement  
D11 PB Kingsmead Weston Lane improvements Zebra crossing and junction priority change (£33K), raised table near the Priory Hotel (£11K), uncontrolled pedestrian build out and parking alterations (£20K). 64000 Design and implement  
D12 PB Odd Down Old Fosse Road pedestrian improvements Speed Table Old Fosse Road 20000 Design and implement  

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