BaNES Programme of Works

Bath and North East Somerset have a programme of works for a specific financial year. We get involved in directing where we think the money should be spent. We make a difference. We really do.

The following pots of money have their own pages:


One comment

  1. Should we be grateful for small mercies ……. or fight for a mile when we are granted an inch
    I am referring to the advanced stop line (ASL) on the London Road where it hits the traffic light T-junction with the old A46. This ASL, with its brightly painted white bicycle in a box, has been created quite recently, implying our traffic engineers fully expect cyclists to be travelling East out of Bath on this road. Yet this is our only sanctuary, for there is no provision for cyclists between the Cleveland Bridge junction and this ASL – and no excuse for the engineers, since they have found space for both car parking and a giant central reservation treescape as you approach the Esso garage.
    If you survive and reach the ASL, then you are faced with the climb up to the roundabout meeting the new A46 and Batheaston bypass. This was always an unpleasant stretch of road for cycling, having to inhale copious exhaust from two lanes of heavy traffic ascending the hill. Now it must also be one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the Bath area: this three-lane highway has been altered to give one lane for traffic going up and two lanes for the vehicles descending towards Bath – the opposite of what I thought was standard practice: to allow a lane for overtaking slow vehicles on steep hills.
    As well as making this bit of road itself even more treacherous for cyclists, the single lane also ensures that traffic leaving Bath now backs up the London Road, endangering cyclists all the way from the Cleveland Bridge junction, because there is no cycle track on this road.
    The purpose of an ASL is to allow a cyclist to get away safely from a traffic light junction, having being able to get to the ASL by overtaking vehicular traffic stopped at a red light. But in heavy traffic, there is no safe pathway for cyclists to reach this ASL. It is insane!

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